Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Company Approach

Sustainability is a core aspect at EPM. We believe that the best way to achieve sustainable success is to act in the long-term interests of our clients, shareholders, partners, as well as society. We strongly support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policies.

Environmental Commitment

Environmental commitment is a way of life at EPM. It is embedded in all our sectors, and is
an essential concept for all our operations and services. We are adamant in our application of environmental compliance, in order to optimize assets and guarantee uninterrupted production.

We integrate our knowledge and experience within our company as well as to our clients to help reduce carbon footprint, waste, and environmental emissions for a more energy-efficient outcome.

Being committed to the well being of the environment is fundamental to any work in the industry, and we at EPM thrive in that respect.

As with every other field, at EPM we believe there are four pillars of Sustainability. Those pillars are Environment, Market/Supply Chain, Society/Community, and Workplace. Each pillar is effectively tackled by our company’s goals.

Sustainability in the environment entails reducing waste and carbon footprint. In order for EPM to do so, we must first be aware and keep track of our contribution to the environment. We set a goal and strive to achieve and maintain it. We do so by making sure we follow through with the following:
Recycling – We will be separating organic and non-organic waste into their respective bins. This will minimize our contribution to landfills. Moreover, the use of recycled paper will aid in the reduction of our carbon footprint. The aforementioned paper will be produced by our sister company Proseed Community Development. (
Minimizing Energy Consumption – We will be reducing our consumption of energy by unplugging electronics when not in use, using energy efficient light bulbs, and using the air conditioning only when necessary.
These practices will be fundamental within our company, and our employees will be vigorously encouraged to abide by them. We will also purchase from environmentally responsible suppliers whenever possible. Biannual reports on energy consumption will be addressed to control the waste of electricity.
Marketplace/Supply Chain
We will always strive to restrict our suppliers to those who do not infringe on human rights, labor, and corruption. This will be important work, albeit challenging, as it will strengthen our company’s principle values when it comes to sustainability in the marketplace. We aim to applying such values by implementing the following:
Sharing Knowledge with Suppliers (SKS) – We will be educating our suppliers on the importance of eliminating corruption and child labor.
Code of Conduct – We will be drawing up a code of conduct to be presented to our suppliers and stakeholders on their obligations and roles, where they will be obliged to sign prior to any contracted work.
  Formalize Trusted Suppliers – We will be compiling a list of our trusted suppliers to be able to inform prospective companies about sustainability to enable more companies to do the same.
Sustainability is imperative for society. Due to the nature of our business, EPM can support any given community or cause, and we encourage our corporate clients to do the same. In order for us to effectively do so without hindering our company’s image, we will be choosing selected causes and reputable NGO’s. This selective work will ensure our association with sustainable sources.
Sustainability in the workplace entails that we retain high caliber employees that understand and execute our goals toward a sustainable workforce. Sustaining our workplace will be implemented as follows:
Retaining High Caliber Employees – We will be hiring candidates that are committed to making a difference, and enjoy being a pioneer in Egypt.
Investing in Career Development – We will be investing in our employees by making training and workshops available quarterly. They will also be encouraged to share their acquired knowledge and discuss it amongst colleagues frequently.
  Motivate Employees by Changing Work Setting – We will be conducting meetings outside the office on a monthly basis to give the employees a shift in work setting. We believe that this entices creativity, and excites the routine.
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