Gas Turbine Evaporative Coolers (GTEC)

EPM held its annual seminar inviting the top decision makers and big players in the industry, such as, EEHC (Egyptian Electric Holding Company), all the Power Generation companies, PGESCo the Power Generation consultant, Gas Turbine OEM's, Oil and Gas operators & refineries and Petrochemical operators.

The seminar was held at Sofitel hotel on December 6th, 2012 to introduce the concept of Gas Turbine Evaporative Coolers (GTEC) as one of the promising solutions to increase the MW of the existing Gas Turbines close to ISO conditions.

As a result, such solution will support in reducing the power shut downs that Egypt has been recently facing. The seminar was successful, and followed by case studies for plant sites with different environmental locations and ultimately inquiries.

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