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Power Generation and Transmission

Power Generation and Transmission at EPM includes a product and a service. This entails supplying, installing, testing and commission, providing the client with all the O&M manuals. Furthermore, inspection and maintenance reports are provided along with solutions to any arising problems.

The variety of products in this division is as follows:

Air Intake Filters for Gas Turbines (Cylindrical and Conical)
Air and Gas Compressors (Screw, Centrifugal, Reciprocating)
Pre Filters for GT (Coalescer filters)
Oil mist eliminators & Oil filters for Gas turbines
Gas Turbine Evaporative Coolers (GTEC)
Chiller package
HRSG Systems
Air Cooled Condensers (ACC’s)
Wet Cooling Towers
  Steam Turbine and Generators (STG’s)
  Heat Exchangers
  Finned Tube Heat Exchangers
  Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  ISO Phase Bus Duct (IPB)
  Spare parts for GT’s & ST’s
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