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At EPM we value specificity when it comes to our products and services. In that respect, Our Oil and Gas division includes an upstream and a midstream sector, as well as offering materials that assist with the products of the division.

Oil Sector (Upstream):
Air Intake Filters for gas turbines (Cylindrical and Conical)
Oil Mist Eliminators & Oil Mist Filters for gas turbines
Gas Turbine Evaporative Coolers (GTEG)
Screw Compressor for Gas Turbine feed
Centrifugal Compressor Package
Gas Compressor Package for Gas Turbines
Actuated Ball ValvesActuated Ball Valves
Down Hole Drilling Tools:
Casing and Tubing
Drill Bits
Drill Pipes, HWDP, Drill Collars
Progressive Cavity Pump Systems (PCP)
Oil Handling Tools:
Fuel Oil Forwarding
Fuel Oil Unloading
Fuel Oil Metering and Heating
Oil Sector (Midstream):
Dehydration Packages (Glycol)
Regeneration Packages
Gas Sector:
Gas Filters
Valve Inlet and High Pressure Protection Systems, Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESD)
Separation and Filtering (KO Drum – Mono and Multi Cyclone – Baffle Plate Coalescer)
Condensate Collection Tanks
Metering (Turbine – Ultrasonic – Differential Pressure – Vortex)
Analyzer Systems (C1 ~ C9+ - H2S – CO2 – Wobbe Metering)
Dewpoint Heating (Electrical – Water bath Heaters – Shell-Tube Heat Exchangers)
Hot Water Boiler Systems
  Pressure Reducing Systems (Self Acting Regulators and Shut-off Valves)
  Compressor Systems and Buffer Systems
  Auxiliary Equipment Reducing Systems
  Vent Stacks
  Control Systems (PLC – Touch Screens – DCS Systems)
Other Material:
Mixing Units
LPG Storage – Loading – Unloading and Transportation Systems
Pig Launchers and Receivers
CO2 Vaporizers
H2 Systems and Odorizing Units
LNG Unloading – Forwarding – Vaporizing and Metering
Oil and water separation units
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