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At EPM we guarantee high quality, efficiency, and plant performance for project development and equity participation for petrochemical plants. We offer development and general contracting via consortium and JV partners of a wide range of petrochemical plants (downstream), while focusing on natural gas commodity petrochemicals. We operate using a dual business model, where we develop projects and follow selective tender business. Furthermore, equity participation can be considered for some projects.

As general contractors and partners in international consortia, we are experts at managing and integrating all the required processes to see a project through from conception to implementation and through to maintenance. To ensure the quality of such processes we are responsible from the phase of the feasibility studies all the way to selling the end product. Partial take over of plants for a given period of time is also a service we at EPM are willing to offer.

As a supplier and after sales service provider, EPM supplies the majority of the Petrochemical plants with the previously mentioned supplies in the Oil & Gas division along with their spare parts.

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